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We can help you by providing the financing that fits your deal.
Have you found a great deal? Got a brilliant business idea or exciting project?  

Is funding the only thing holding you back from making your big dream or goal a reality?

At Karma Capital Solutions, we have built relationships with Hedge fund managers, commercial lenders and private money lenders that have the ability to fund your project quickly. 

Unlike conventional financing with strict parameters, you will find our lenders are far more liberal in their lending criteria and easier to work with. 

Our lenders are entirely asset based, meaning that the underwriting process focuses on the potential of the deal itself, and does not depend on your credit score. 

We work with investors, entrepreneurs and businesses from all over  North America, and in some cases internationally.
We can provide funding for all types of loans and projects:
  •  large commercial properties
  •  single family home residence
  • land development and construction
  •  business start-up
  •  expansion and acquisition
  •  technology
  •  oil & gas, mining, energy, agriculture
  •  the list goes on and on
Why work with us?
  • Non-Recourse Lending - Unlike banks with stringent lending criteria based on borrower credit score, our lenders look primarily at the deal itself and most loans are asset-based.
  • Get funding fast- Our lenders know you are up against a deadline and we can get your loan funded quickly. The process is simple and straight-forward.
  • Unlimited Capital - We are partnered with hedgefund managers, private money lenders and clearing house backed commercial lenders. We can get your deal funded regardless of how much you need to borrow.
  • Flexibility - Because we work with multiple lenders, we can be flexible and will choose a lender that is willing to work with the intricacies of your deal to make it work for you.
Have a deal you need to get funded? 
Financing Options Available For Your Project

Residential Investment Real Estate
Rehab, Refinance and Buy & Hold

Multi family & Commercial Real Estate
Duplexes to large multi family, commercial & industrial buildings

Land Development & Construction

Energy & Resource Extraction

Oil & Gas, Mining, Solar etc.

Non-Real Estate Projects

Agriculture, Technology, Pharmaceutical etc.

Start-ups, Franchises, Acquisitions, Expansions etc.

Meet The Broker
Cal Ewing, 
Private Money Broker
Cal is committed to helping investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs to fund their deals. As a real estate investor himself, he truly understands the heart of the matter. Because sometimes this isn't just about the money, it's about a dream.

Let's work together to make your dreams a reality.
Funding your deal can really be this easy.
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